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When you’re in the business of hospitality, your guests should never feel like just another face in the crowd. At TNI Design , we believe meaningful guest experiences are created with thoughtful analysis and clear conceptual visions that elevate their stay. Our interdisciplinary approach combines award-winning interior, branding, marketing, and expert level food & beverage consulting to give your hotel a competitive edge that creates lasting impressions for your guests and unlocks value for the hospitality industry.

Integrate sleekness into an existing structure or build something from the ground up — no matter what size — TNI Design is here to help you create a look that resonates with people and transcends trends. We take our commitment to quality craftsmanship personally and pay attention to even the smallest of details so every aspect of your vision is reflected in a cohesive way.

Get ready to step into a creative space tailored specifically to give your hotel the perfect atmosphere that sets it apart from all others. When you enlist TNI Design , you’re guaranteed professional results designed with passion!