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TNI Design is a 20 + employee architecture and design agency founded by Robert Ancill in Los Angeles in 2006. We create public and private spaces that project a clear and modern sensibility. TNI Design has assimilated a strong reputation for design that approaches each project with a uniquely creative methodology, sensitivity to client’s vision, and a dedication to detail.

Our guiding principles are deeply rooted in the planet; at every level and for every condition, TNI Design considers the Earth’s elements combined with the human experience.

TNI Design provides services in architectural design, interior design, landscaping, event design, and master planning combined with a range of sub-services such as site surveys, specialist 3D renderings and video, and consulting.

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About The Principle, Robert Ancill

Robert Ancill is the CEO and creative officer at TNI Design. His background began in the restaurant industry creating and designing restaurant concepts. As his career progressed, clients asked him to design hotels, houses, and commercial spaces.

Based in Los Angeles, Robert has worked or consulted with clients in over 24 countries, including but not limited to USA, UK, Kuwait, Dubai/Abu Dhabi (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Malaysia, France, Qatar, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Pakistan.

In 2002, Robert founded The Next Idea, a high-energy innovative international restaurant consulting agency that provides The Next Idea. The agency specializes in new food and restaurant concept development, interior design and architecture, and providing design and roll out services for franchised brands.

He is author of a book called Post COVID-19 Reboot (launch date Tuesday 21st April 2020). The book is the definitive guide to opening restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses after the quarantine period has been lifted.

Robert sits on several company and NGO Board of Directors and is regularly quoted in the media on global restaurant and food trends as well as food and restaurant opportunities in emerging and frontier markets. He is regularly speaking at conferences on topics relating to international growth opportunities, restaurant design concepts, design trends, and consumer behavior.

Robert is also active in the nonprofit world, supporting many good causes including anti-slavery, cure and support for autism, and child education in underdeveloped countries.

In his spare time, Robert is an amateur photographer whose work has been featured in several magazines and websites and can be found at