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If you run a restaurant or are looking to launch a restaurant business from scratch, it is important to understand the value of your restaurant’s environmental aesthetics. Restaurant design makes establishes an essential impression for new customers as they enter into your new restaurant business.

TNI Design understands this through their 35 years experience; we provide Integrated, creative, elegant and efficient designs to every project we approach. Whether it’s an upgrade of an existing space, or a new concept design. Through the creative and efficient planning, we create environments that incorporate the unique qualities of each space.

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Our goal is to always provide signature designs that create a visual exchange with patrons, providing new and memorable experiences which will naturally embrace the food and service of the restaurant.

TNI Design is one of America’s most experienced restaurant and hospitality design agency. Our team includes seasoned architects and interior designers to provide creative interior design for your restaurant. We use the latest CGI 3D rendering to provide future views of our proposed designs; and possess the capability to provide 3D video walk-throughs of their space, allowing clients to be close to their future space and understand each area’s relationship with the customer, and the overall all visual and physical flow.