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Hospitality is an industry that thrives on aesthetics. TNI Design has been providing hotel interiors and layouts for over 15 years. We have  worked with a number of hotel corporations and privately held properties. Focussing on hotel interiors that are aesthetically interesting, as well as functional, our goal is always to provide unique and relevant designs which will surprise and delight hotel guests.

TNI Design represents  a turn-key design partner for hospitality, restaurant and related exterior landscapes, led by Robert Ancill,  TNI creates an immersion of experience through architectural design, engaging interiors, furniture, and finishes. We take projects from site survey to launch with comprehensive client engagement and creativity from the onset. Our ‘creative first’ methodology delivers balanced and absorbing environments that present a clear and authentic character, ensuring the guest experience is synonymous  with your brand.

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Hospitality Design Philosophy

Our Philosophy is that architecture should be a product of its environment and surroundings, while still adding a unique stamp to the design. Our multi-faceted process includes studying the natural environment and landscape along with the personality of the existing structures then integrate  our research with the client’s vision.

We leverage the latest design and construction technologies that set us apart in the industry. Rather than deploying a duplication approach, we believe in creating custom designs that are relevant, compelling, and engaging. We take time to understand client’s customer profiles and mix creativity with guest expectation for functionality and environmental experience.

Track Record With Successful Hospitality Design Projects

Over the years, TNI Design has worked multiple Hotel Interior, Hotel Landscape and Hotel amenity projects, therefore our experience has propelled our abilities in providing designs which  generate authentic , timeless and cohesive architectural expressions.

We think beyond aesthetics and cost savings, and seek to provide elegance in design while maintaining sustainability as top of mind. Our mindset transcends in the way we work, from adopting LED lighting to using modern hemp-based and composite construction materials in addition to eco friendly furniture as we creatively design spaces. Our aim is to elevate our client’s hospitality business, while ensuring eco-consciousness and profound financial success of every project.

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