Do you need location or property survey services?

Do you need location or property survey services?

I’ve got some good news and some great news. The good first: our company offers outstanding variety in terms of options for surveys, so if one type doesn’t work out then there are always others available! The great news is that we charge less than most other companies; and while they can’t come close to matching the quality or experience offered by ourselves here at TNI Design, we still believe that competitive pricing is best for both our company and yours.”

TNI Design’s 3-D laser photo scanners and Point Cloud technology are the latest in a long line of cutting edge tools that capture every inch, minute detail of your property, both inside and out. Our drafts team uses this information to create field drawings as well detailed as-built drawings, with the bonus addition of a photo- virtual walkthrough for each project. Our drawings are accurate to 1 inch or 16th of an inch, depending on hardware deployed, and include equipment and asset schedules as well as detailed elevations, floorplans, ceiling plans and general MEP schedules.

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Point cloud files are the essential components during architectural design stages given they serve both informational and dimensional purposes, and can be revisited, without the need to repeat a site visit, in the event of a site question.

Advantages of our survey services:

1. Ideal for all professionals seeking current conditions of buildings, both inside and outside.
2. Short time on site measuring given our scan equipment does the work
3. Complete site photo walkthrough visibility online that may be viewed as often as needed
4. Multiple sites may be documented with their own individual file set
5. Comprehensive set of as-built drawings as required to address all renovation or recording requirements
6. Cost effective

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