Architectural services

TNI Design’s architecture and design portfolios include projects at all scales, across the world. Our architectural services span industries from restaurants, hotels, wellness centers and spas, through to commercial and government architecture, in addition to luxury residential. Every project represents a uniquely tailored response to the client’s mission, goals, and business drivers combined with the site’s environmental, physical, and cultural context.

We are dedicated to sustainable design practices that exceeds the Architecture 2030 challenge and boosts the frontiers of sustainable practice towards a net-positive future and beyond. We create innovative building structures and facades that advance the form and function of new construction. While considering appearance and context, TNI creates buildings with leading-edge technologies that enhance building performance and operational cost-effectiveness.

Our focus at TNI Design is not just about sustainability. We were one of the first design and architecture firms to use hemp-based construction materials and furniture. We adopted LED lighting long before it became mainstream. We operate our own solar energy agency and work tirelessly to achieve net zero carbon omissions wherever possible.

We firmly believe in the importance of leaving an environmental legacy for future generations and always place significant importance on deploying sustainable and recycled materials when designing our client environments.

Our architecture and design team deploy AutoCAD and Revit software to produce our client 2D and 3D drawings.

Architectural services
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