3D Rendering

In concept, 3D rendering is similar to photography. For instance, a rendering program effectively points a camera towards an object to compose a photo. As such, digital lighting is important to create a detailed and realistic render.

The goal of every render is to capture an image based on how light hits objects, just like in real life.

TNI Design operates one of the largest 3D imaging departments with a team of deeply experienced 3D visualizers creating images of real-life spaces daily.
Our experience, knowledge and skills allow us to visualize our clients’ design concepts and engineering decisions. Our rendering team provide a comprehensive support cycle for your success, whatever your project type.

Our render services provide the documentation and visualization for government, corporate and individual clients on single and multi-residential, commercial, hotels, restaurants, public, urban design and landscape architecture & lighting design projects.

In short, we make your vision visible!

Matterport Arizona
Landscape Drawing Washington